My Thoughts for what they’re worth

29 08 2017

In my last post dated 5/30/2015 I stated I would see you in 2 years, well it is now 2017 and here I am. I am not at all proud of this in any way, but you have to admire my consistency. I refuse to give up on this thing even tho I only manage a blog every 2 years. I will skip the usual Excuses and apologies for my lack of post. I will also skip my promises to be more proactive on here cause God knows I Ain’t gonna’ be. I started this to give myself a voice and an outlet for sharing my views and opinions of the world and life in general. I’m not a big talker and don’t share my feelings easily so I thought this would give me a place to do that….I was wrong! Apparently people that don’t share verbally also have a problem doing it in written form. Who Knew? I am honestly no better in this forum than I am face to face with someone. I wish I knew why, the fact is I do have things to say, I do have opinions, I do have a point of view on the events that are around me I just can’t seem to bring myself to share them. I can ramble on about Doctor Who (you didn’t think I would blog and not mention him did you? ) what TV shows and movies I like, but not about how I feel when I see my world in such disarray. Terriorism, social injustice,political confusion and  threats of war are just a few of the things on my mind. I have been here a long time 64 years as of this post and I have seen so much change in the world. It has not all been good… Assignation of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy. The Cold War, Vietnam, civil rights protests, segregation to name a few. But it wasn’t all bad either Woodstock, man landing on the moon, the Berlin Wall coming down advances in science and medicine. I guess what I am trying to say is if you stick around long enough you see that life has cycles. History repeats itself and you sometimes watch the next generation struggle with what you did and really hope they come out of it as well. I listen to 20 and 30 year olds talk about how easy the older generation had it and how it was a much safer and simpler time back in the day and I ruefully remember saying the same things about the generation before me. The bottom line and the lines that stays with me is “The Wheel Keeps Turning” and “Everyhing old is new again”


Still Hanging In There.

30 05 2015

Greetings loyal blog followers, I just checked this page and discovered i had not posted since Dec of 2013. Even for me that’s just freaking’ ridiculous. if you consider that at that time i promised to do a blog once a week it really makes me look bad. i can make some lame excuses like i no longer have a computer or that using wi-fi is too spotty for a long blog session on my iPod, but the truth is…I just plain suck at this. I am absolutely terrible at talking about myself. I never know what to share or feel that anyone would actually care about what I share. I noticed i generally used this to rant about the state of horror movies of late ( it’s deplorable by the way) or talk about an episode of Doctor Who. In my very first blog I welcomed all of you into my world and promised to share all manner of events both big and small whenever they occurred. I have failed rather spectacularly in that regard.Since I began this blog in 2010 I have only used it 21 times and one of those blogs was on my favorite way to procrastinate (irony thou are a heartless Bitch) I really don’t know what to say to this as i really wanted to do this when i started it and just couldn’t seem to follow thru on it.So here i am again making one more attempt to be more proactive on this blog.i honestly don’t know if i will or if i even can do that, but it will be interesting to me to find out if i have what it takes to try. And if it turns out i don’t…I’LL SEE YOU ALL AGAIN IN 2 YEARS. Oh, one more thing, that opening sentence about Loyal Followers was just my somewhat feeble attempt at humor as i realize after how badly I’ve kept at this most of you have already left the building.

The Doctor Is In

1 12 2013

I believe enough time has passed for me to give my opinions of ‘The Day Of The Doctor.’ I wished to wait till i figured everyone had seen it and i wouldn’t be ruining the experience with spoilers. But now since it’s been a week since it aired and everyone has been talking, tweeting,blogging & Facebooking about it i feel safe. Let me start by stating i am a Dyed-in-the-wool (Scarf) fan of The Doctor, not a newbie that thinks the series began in 2005. I have watched all and loved all incarnations of the Doctor From William Hartnell thru Matt Smith & now John Hurt. Having said that i must now say that i was disappointed with the 50th anniversary episode. Now before the assembled fandom rises up with torches and pitchforks let me clarify that statement. I fully understand that not every Doctor and Companion in the history of the show could not be included. Some have died, some are in poor health and some have just aged beyond a point where that could be logically explained.I will say that Moffat and the writers tried,and it was a damn good try,but 50 years is a long time and a lot of history has been involved in the life of the doctor. I felt that too much of that history was dropped in favor of the time war story. While it was a good storyline and tied together many loose threads from the 1996 TV Move thru the 2005 reboot and up to today,it paid Little attention to all that went before. I found the notion that the Doctors changed their own and the whole universes timeline & yet would not remember doing it (And thereby keeping the angst and sadness of the past three doctors intact) a bit of a cheat. From the words of the first doctor “You can’t re-wright History…Not one line. The Doctor has tweaked the hell out of history in his many lifetimes, but at his core he has stood by those words. I also feel that what the war doctor did took away some of the nobility of what the 8th doctor sacrificed to end to end the Time War. And also having all the doctors take a part in this including #13 makes the idea that he doesn’t remember absurd. The Previous Doctors would have known whats coming and the latest doctor would have all those memories and not just the ones from the three we saw. Now i know i’m nit-picking and people will say it’s a tv show about time travel so how do you know when this happened and exactly where in each doctors timeline it occurred.So enough about that. Now to the matter of Billie Piper…Why? They say she is the most popular companion of all time (I dispute that claim,but that’s for another time) and it was important to have Rose involved somehow and there”s the problem. It wasn’t Rose! The Attitude, the mannerisms everything we came to love about her was gone. The weapon taking the form of Bad Wolf Rose to act as the war doctor’s conscience again made no sense since he didn’t know anything about her. A few more problems i had was in the war doctors attitude towards the later doctors. Yes they were younger, but the precedent for that was set with the 5th doctor who was considerably younger than the previous 4. Also his confusion at the term “Timey-Wimey Thing” rings false since it was originally said by #5 and he should remember that.Okay!,enough of that. this blog looks like i didn’t like the episode and nothing could be farther from the truth. i found parts to be exceptional and the times when it did acknowledge the doctors history were well done. The 10th and 11th using lines from pevious doctors were fun to hear. The Round things on the walls of the tardis, The Original Opening from 1963, starting out in black and white as they panned past the I.M.Forman junkyard and up to the Cole Hill School Where we first met Susan, Barbara and Ian. And of course the high point of it all for me was The Cameo of arguably the greatest doctor of them all Tom Baker as Doctor #4 Hearing that voice, seeing those mannerisms brought me back to when i became a fan of The Doctor. My only quibble is i wish he had offered #11 a Jelly Baby. So in conclusion after stating so much of what i thought was wrong i have to say that what they did get right they got really right. A lot for the new fans, some teasers to bring in even newer ones and a few Easter eggs and sentimental touches for us old-timers. All in all a good effort and an interesting starting point for The Next Doctor. I of course look forward to Matt Smith’s last episode & Peter Capaldi’s first.I have been with the doctor for 35 years and if possible i will be with him for 35 more. The show is “Fantastic” &  Brilliant” and i can’t wait to see where in time and space it goes next. So i will end this review/rant with a few words from the Doctor “Allons-y!” & “Geronimo!” Image

Dipping my toe in the shallow end.

20 11 2013

Hello All (by all I mean the 3 of you that actually follow this thing) I’m Back!! Well that was not a fulfilling as I anticipated. Here’s the thing…I suck at blogging!! There I said it. I never know what to say or how to say it. I have friends that blog and they are AMAZING!! They talk about their day, their lives and and the myriad obstacles to getting thru that life. Good times, bad times and everything in-between and that brings me to my problem. I am all in-between! I don’t have highs and lows, I stay fairly even all the time. I know with absolute certainty what will happen to me almost all the time. I’m never excited about new projects because I have none. I’m not surprised by life anymore because I’ve seen and done it all before. My friends as you might expect are younger than me (who isn’t?) and life still has that wonder of discovery to them. One has gone back to school and is experiencing all the many highs & lows that go with that. Another has packed up her entire life and moved to an exotic locale with no clue about what tomorrow holds and no worries about that either. There was a time when I did both of those things and lived every minute of the adventure I embarked on. Which is my somewhat long-winded way of saying I need to get that feeling back again. I need to throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may. (There’s some metaphorical soup for you) I’m going to start small and try to do something or go somewhere I haven’t been. The dipping my toe in part of this blog. I don’t know if it it will work, but at least that’s something, a little something I’m not sure about could be just what I need to start something bigger. So I’m not going to end this by saying I’ll blog more as I usually do cause I don’t know if I will. I only know I will attempt to be more pro-active about this. After all this whole mindless rant came about because one of those friends I mentioned pointed out that I hadn’t blogged in a while and I said I would put something together. So that’s it for now, maybe I’ll write some epic tome next time or just tell you what I had for breakfast, it’s all the same. It’s not about hitting the home run every time, it’s about getting out there and trying all the time. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Trying to make my life easier HAH!

23 12 2011

Everyone pray for me today! Today is the day I do it, as some of you know I got a laptop computer for Christmas and have been spending time getting it set up and doing what I need it to do. I also have my iPod which till now has been synced to other people’s computers. So today I’m going to attempt to upgrade and sync to my own computer. As anyone that knows my history of electronic devices disasters can guess I’m not seeing smooth sailing in my future. This seemingly innocuous task has been explained as so easy a 10 year of could do it (Why can you never find one of those when you need them) I equate it more with ‘Trying to solve an algebra problem by chewing bubblegum. So as I said at the beginning Pray for me. And if you don’t hear from me again it means they beat me,but you can sleep secure in the knowledge that “I took Those Damn Electronic bastards down with me”!

Still working out the bugs.

6 12 2011

I’ll do anything to prove my point. To Wit.. The great post I just blogged about didn’t get linked to the blog so there is a lot of talking about something you can’t see. “Sorry about that Chief”! To read the original post if you have FB or twitter go to ‘jbird5by5’ on FB or @Jbirdfivebyfive on twitter, It’s also on Google + under jbird5x5. Yes I know it’s the same name spelled 3 different ways I’m compulsive that way…So Sue Me! Hope you get a chance to read it cause my earlier blog makes no Damn sense if you don’t.

The Way It Was

6 12 2011

I normally use this for some silly thought or other that pops into my head. Usually about movies or Doctor Who. Nothing important or relevant, But this time I have something I really want all of you to read. A friend posted this on Facebook and the words hit me like a ton of bricks. As you may know I’m somewhat older than most people who blog being almost 60 years old and I don’t always get things as quickly as I used to, but this post brought back with crystal clarity how much my world has changed in only 60 yrs. I am constantly amazed at how people complain about how wasteful we were back in the the day when the truth is we had so little we had to conserve just to survive. I sometimes think it’s funny how much easier life has become without actually getting any better. Anyway here is the post, I hope you enjoy it & maybe even learn a little something from it. I don’t usually expect a response to my blog, but this time I would like to see some opinions & comments from you guys.

The Green Thing